Outdoor Storytellers – Hells Canyon

SPOKANE — To some people the mention of a place called Hells Canyon makes it sound like a harsh, hot and dry place, but not for the Killgore family. Hells Canyon and the town of White Bird, Idaho is home for Heather Killgore.

“My husband was born and raised right across the river, and his father was born and raised ther, so our Killgore roots go deep here,” Killgore recalls.

Heather’s roots began when the Killgores homesteaded near White Bird Creek in 1902.

“We’ve got one of the prettiest canyons on the North American Continent, not to mention it’s deepest. Everybody loves it, everybody that comes here is happy.”

It was with that sentiment in mind that Heather and her husband Les opened Killgore Adventures 40 years ago.

“It’s real nice to be able to share Hells Canyon and the fishing trips with other people. it’s something they don’t get to experience on a daily basis like we do and so, we get a lot of joy sharing this with people.”

It’s on the Salmon and Snake Rivers where their son Kurt, along with friend and fellow guide Eric Pardue, help people catch Sturgeon, Steelhead, Bass and Salmon.

“Eric went to high school with Kurt. They were good buddies all through high school and he had the same desires to work and live in the outdoors and when we had the opportunity as we grew and needed a guide and he was Kurt’s first choice,” Heather Killgore smiles and remembers.

So, day in, day out and all year long, Kurt and Eric handle things on the rivers while Heather minds things around the ranch.

“I look at Idaho and we’ve got more animals than we do people and that’s kind of nice.”