Outdoor Storytellers – Branson Schmidt

SPOKANE — 16-year-old Branson Schmidt is a Central Valley High School sophomore practicing and working on his Bass fishing for a good reason.

“I’m going to New York this august to fish the World Championship for Bass,” Branson confidently admits.

In  just a few weeks Branson will be fishing for his first Junior Bassmaster World Championship title in Syracuse, New York.  It’s a big deal, but Branson earned his spot.  He’s the 2006 and 2007 Washington Junior State Champion, but he got his start much like any other kid when he was 3-years-old.

“It just got me excited. my parents talk about when I would hook onto a big one I would be screaming and crying cause I didn’t know what the heck was going to happen. If I  was going to get pulled in or what,” says Branson.

Of course now, Branson’s a whole lot bigger. He not only tournament bass fishes, but also plays football for Central Valley High School. He plays Left Guard and Strong Side Defensive End.

“I try to make the most of my high school sports because I’ll have fishing for the rest of my life. as much as I love it and I’d like to go super far in fishing,” says Branson.

Going super far in fishing at the tournament level with the hopes of becoming a professional began with a very basic thought back in 2005.

“I saw that Joey Nania had one the world championship and was like I can do that.  I might be able to beat him. so my mom made some phone calls,” recalls Branson.

After his mom Sheila made some phone calls  he got involved with the inland empire bass club, and four short years later, Branson is going to the Junior World Championships in New York with one thing in mind.

“open my eyes more to how far do I need to go to get there. but hopefully I take first that’s what I’m shooting for winning the whole thing.” Branson says.

On Blue lake with Branson Schmidt for Outdoor Storytellers, I’m Dan Barth.