Organizations call on elected officials to reject planned ‘Liberate America’ gatherings

Several organizations throughout the Inland Northwest are asking elected officials to reject the ‘Liberate America’ gatherings scheduled to take place Saturday in North Idaho and Montana. 

Watchdog group North Idaho Exposed will hold one of the events at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds. It will feature a variety of guest speakers including Ammon Bundy, Tom Deweese, Idaho Rep. Heather Scott and Washington Rep. Matt Shea. 

According to a YouTube video, the group says it’s intended to create a “communications network to dispatch people to assist local business owners or families being oppressed by a tyrannical government.” 

Several organizations disagree with the cause, saying the event’s organizers aim to “harness genuine fear and hardship in our communities, to claim the spotlight, recruit members and expand their influence.”

United Vision for Idaho, Montana Human Rights Network, Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane, Greater Spokane Progress and Western States Center issued a statement to elected officials on Friday, asking them to “use the power of their offices to reject the June 13 gatherings and advance the interests of the entire community.” 

“The event organizers have a right to free speech, and we have the right and responsibility to speak out against bigotry and for a democracy that includes and protects everyone,” it reads in the statement. 

A smaller, allied event is scheduled to take place that same day in Helena, Montana. 

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