Oregon Supreme Court Allows Sex Abuse Claim

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The statute of limitations on a sex abuse claim in Oregon may depend on when the victim realizes that he or she has a claim – not when the actual abuse occurred.

The Oregon Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that the city of The Dalles could Not claim the statute began running when a member of the police Explorer Scout program was sexually abused by a police officer in 1996.

The boy was 16 at the time, but he did not disclose the abuse until 2001, after learning that another police officer was under investigation for serving alcohol to a minor.

The victim was then called to testify at a grand jury hearing on the officer who abused him – James Tannehill – and realized he had a claim against the city.

He filed a negligence and sexual battery claim against The Dalles in June 2002, and then added a federal civil rights claim in July 2003.