One year later another fire burns in Dishman Hills

Eerie is one word to describe it. One year to the day after the devastating Valley View Fire in Spokane Valley another wildfire burned around five acres in the Dishman Hills area.

Crews at the scene believe that they will have the fire out later in the evening.  It is burning near the Skyline Drive, Beverly Drive and Center Drive off of Park Road but the fire is on top of a hill and is burning away from homes in the vicinity.

The biggest challenge for the crews at the scene has been that they can’t get water up to the scene so they are digging in lines around the fire.

The fire grew to about five acres before it was brought under control, as the lack of wind helped efforts to put it out.  The response has included approximately 20 firefighters with two Spokane County Sheriff’s deputies providing traffic support.

There’s also no word on how the fire started. What is clear however is that there are no power lines near where the fire started and no lightning strikes have been reported.

Fire officials suspect the blaze might be human-caused.