Okanogan River reopens for public use

Okanogan River reopens for public use

Over the past couple of weeks, the Okanogan River has been overflowing and flooding the surrounding areas displacing people and damaging homes and roads.

Because of this, the river has been closed to public use since May 15 due to the danger of the flow.

However, on Tuesday, the Okanogan Sheriff gave the okay to reopen the river.

In a press release sent to KXLY from the Okanogan Sheriff’s Office, Maurice Goodall, the Director of Okanogan County Emergency Management, urged people to stay safe while visiting the river.

“Citizens are encouraged to go out and enjoy the Okanogan River.” Said Goodall. However, “please remember that there are many areas where the banks were undercut due to the flooding [and that] the river is still flowing swiftly with unseen debris.”

As always, please remember basic water safety and make sure you are wearing a life jacket at all times.

Not wearing a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) could result in a $76 fine.