Offensive words cover abandoned vehicle in Kendall Yards

Offensive words cover abandoned vehicle in Kendall Yards


KXLY4 spoke with an official from the City of Spokane this morning who explained the vehicle has to go through standard ‘boot & tow’ procedure before anything can be done to remove it.

The city’s boot and tow rules allow vehicle owners two business days to pay the fines associated with the vehicle and get the boot removed.

Regardless of the offensive nature of the words graffitied on it, the city says that they must give the registered owner ample time to pay the fees to the courts. Courts are not open on weekends, thus the business day rule.

At this time, it’s unclear when exactly the boot was placed on the car.

A boot is typically put on when a vehicle has 4 or more unpaid citations.

The city said although it is unfortunate that someone vandalized this vehicle, it cannot take matters into its own hands.

The blame, according to the city, should be placed on whoever decided to graffiti the vehicle with offensive language.

KXLY4 has reached out to the Spokane Police Department to see if a report has been filed, and is waiting to hear back.

Original Story:

A car parked on Summit Parkway, outside of My Fresh Basket in Kendall Yards was spray painted Saturday night with derogatory names for women and people of color.

The graffiti has been covered by garbage bags thanks to employees at my Fresh Basket, but it isn’t the mean and hurtful words that have people who’ve noticed the car up in arms. It’s that 24-hours and multiple calls to Crime Check later, it’s still there.

Sarah Dixit and her boyfriend, like many passerby’s today, couldn’t help but stop and stare at the eyesore as they entered Kendall Yards.

Dixit said, “it was pretty shocking for us because when you go to Kendall Yards, you don’t really expect to see something like this.”

The spray painted words were accompanied by stripped interiors and windows bashed in.

“Just seeing this so open doesn’t make me feel super safe walking around, especially being an interracial couple it doesn’t necessarily shout acceptance,” explained Dixit.

Residents say the car has been parked outside My Fresh Basket since at least Thursday, the disrespectful words added yesterday evening.

Sean Libey called Crime Check and said of the graffiti, “its just really disgusting – i don’t know how many times i can say disgusting.”

Libey was out getting ice cream with his mother around 10pm Saturday when the graffiti-covered vehicle made them want to turn around.

“My mom was like, let’s get out of here. She’s 62-years old and never in her life has she experienced anything like that. Neither have I,” shared Libey.

They called Crime Check immediately and returned at midnight to see if it had been towed away. When he found out this morning that it was still there, he was in shock.

“To me, personally, it shows that people don’t care. I thought we were moving past this but I don’t know,” said Libey.

Spokane Police were at the vehicle this morning but it still has not been moved. Libey like so many others who noticed car, want to know why.

He said, “I’m sure they have their standard operating procedures and they have to go through protocol but at least, you know, the next day it should be gone.”

Spokane Police did not return our calls for comment.