Off Duty Firefighter Fends Off Armed Suspect

SPOKANE — An off duty Spokane Firefighter detains a man threatening others with a knife until police arrive.

It happened Saturday night in the Shadle Park neighborhood in North Spokane.

Off duty firefighter Greg Borg witnessed four teenagers yelling and kicking a neighbors chain link fence.

When Borg’s neighbor came out to tell the kids to leave, one of the young men pulled a knife out of his pocket and swung it at the neighbor.

Then the armed man came after Borg.

“He came back toward me and I thought, man I’m going to get stabbed, and so I thought what do I do?,” said Borg. “The best defense is a good offense.”

When Borg confronted the teen, the teen put away the knife and told Borg that he could beat him up using his fists.

“He said, I could beat you I’m a boxer,” said Borg. “He took a punch at me and I grabbed him by the head and took him down and laid a little hurt on him until the cops got there, my neighbor took knife away from him. “

Borg suffered wounds on his arm when the suspect bit him after Borg took him down. According to Borg the message is pretty clear, don’t come into his neighborhood with a knife.

Nineteen year old Kyle Rapp was arrested in connection with the altercation. He’s facing two felony counts of assault.