Obama, McCain Win Washington Caucuses

SPOKANE – Barack Obama and John McCain were the winners of Saturday’s Washington caucuses, but Mike Huckabee isn’t conceding defeat.

Obama won the Democratic caucuses easily, taking over 67 percent of the vote. Hillary Clinton was a distant second with 31 percent of the vote. Obama also won handily in Spokane County, getting at least 60 percent of the vote all of the county’s five legislative districts.

McCain’s win was much narrower. He got 25.5 percent of the vote in Washington, compared to Mike Huckabee’s 23.7 percent. Ron Paul was a close third with 20.6 percent, while Mitt Romney, who dropped out of the race earlier in the week, still got 16.5 percent.

However, Paul was the big winner in Spokane County. According to county Republicans, Paul got 46 percent of the vote, while Huckabee got 20 percent and McCain received 15 percent.

Huckabee will not concede defeat in Washington just yet. He told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that his campaign was looking into legal issues with the caucuses, but wouldn’t give any details.

The win capped off a big day for Obama, who also won in Nebraska and Louisiana. Huckabee won the Kansas caucus and the Louisiana primary.

The next battle for Obama and Clinton is Sunday, where the Maine caucuses are taking place. Then on Tuesday, primaries for both parties will take place in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.