Obama, Clinton Debate Ahead Of Delegate-Rich March 4th Primaries

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Hillary Clinton says no matter what happens in the presidential race, she feels honored to be debating Barack Obama.

The two met in Austin, Texas Thursday night for their next to last debate in advance of what could be make-or-break primaries March 4th in Texas and Ohio.

During Thursday night’s faceoff, Clinton was both combative and complimentary. She said she has lived through moments of crises and challenges. But she said nothing she’s been through matches the everyday struggles faced by voters.

Obama said he would “do things differently” as president. He said he and Clinton can both have great plans. But he said those plans won’t happen, quote, “if we don’t change how the politics is working in Washington.”

Clinton has lost 11 straight primary-season contests and trails Obama in the hunt for convention delegates 1,358-and-a-half to 1,264. It takes 2,025 to win the Democratic nomination