Northwest Christian’s Rabe driven by perfection

Northwest Christian’s Rabe driven by perfection

Jordan Rabe: “I don’t know, we’re so close it’s such a family thing that it’s a bond that we have that I’ve never felt with any other team.

That’s why the Crusaders have won unlike any other team. Last year, they were undefeated and 2B state champs. This season, they finished 25 and 4, and third place at state. All with the help of a senior leader.
Renee Stewart: “Jordan is an extraordinary person. On the field she’s a leader and in the classroom she is just very studius and has always strived for perfection.”

A perfect 4.0 GPA is proof of that. She’s earned all-league in each of the last three years in softball, and also plays volleyball and basketball, where she was this year’s Northeast 2B North league MVP.

Rabe: “Just having played sports for so long it just kind of has been in my nature so everything I do I’m just competitive.

A trait that drives her to stay after almost every practice to improve.

Stewart: “Every time we’re out here on the field, she wants to do the best she possibly can and she wants more. She’s the only player I’ve ever had that says ‘hit me another one, can you hit me another one? Hit me another one.’

Taking home another state championship title was not going to be easy, this team knew that but they still learned a lot about themselves along the way.

Rabe: “I think it was really important for us this year not to bank on last year, and keeping the hunger and just keep pushing hard.”

She now has the chance to keep playing at Biola University next year, where she’ll be on the Eagle basketball team.

Renee Stewart: Oh, she’s gonna go far, she is going to be whatever she sets her mind to, she is going to accomplish that goal, and with her work ethic, the sky is the limit for her.”