Northern Quest exploring plans for second hotel tower, part of $110M expansion

Spokane’s largest 24-hour casino is planting a big seed – a $110 million expansion.

Northern Quest Resort and Casino announced plans Thursday to build a second hotel tower with hundreds of extra rooms.

“Our existing hotel has been extremely successful, high occupancy, we just know that we need more hotel rooms,” said Brandon Haugen, general manager of Kalispel Development.

The resort is ramping up its image as a family friendly destination with new interactive arcades, a childcare center, and movie theater which opened up last weekend.

“We want to be a destination for all ages,” Haugen said. We want to continue to honor the gaming crowd, the patron that’s come to love Northern Quest, but we also want to add something for families.”

The resort is looking to add amenities like bowling, and virtual reality sets in the next few years. A new hotel would accomodate the increased family traffic Northern Quest is betting on.

Haugen said nothing is set in stone but the new hotel would hold between 150 and 200 additional rooms. It would look similar to the 150 ft tower that currently stands.

“It would be right around the same size, maybe a little taller,” Haugen said.

Northern Quest expects the expansion to add about 200 jobs, right now the resort has about 1600 workers on site. Haugen said the new hotel could be open as early as 2020.