North Monroe Street set to reopen today

North Monroe Street set to reopen today

The construction project that has led to clogged north/south streets in Spokane all summer long is just about over and traffic will once again flow on north Monroe.

The city of Spokane along with business representatives and neighbors will gather at at the intersection of Dalton Avenue and Monroe Street, to watch the North Monroe Corridor reopen.

It was a controversial project with Monroe being squeezed down from two lanes in both directions to a single lane with a center turn lane.

The project, which began in April, also created wider on-street parking, added new pedestrian lighting and bumpouts at intersections to reduce crossing distances.

The project also updated water infrastructure, replaced aging sidewalks, and of course brought new pavement to the roadway.

The barricades will be removed shortly after the 10 a.m. celebration allowing vehicles to use North Monroe from Indiana to Kiernan.

Another party celebrating the reopening of the street is planned for Saturday, September 15 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.