North Idaho mom creates stuffed animal to comfort child patients

A North Idaho mom has inspired others to give back to parents with babies in the hospital.

Michelle Armstrong knows how unpredictable parenting can be – her youngest son, Finn, was born eight weeks early and spent nearly two months in the hospital. She said there were days when she couldn’t even hold him.

This inspired her to create ‘Finn the Panda’ to be with him.

It’s a stuffed animal, designed for babies at the hospital and made with a special kind of cashmere that is prevents the spread of germs. Parents can even record an electronic message with it, and it also has a special scent patch.

On Monday, children at the Ronald McDonald House each got a Finn of their own.

“I found out there were 22 rooms, and I needed some help donating that many bears,” said Armstrong, “so, I put out to my community on Instagram and Facebook, and I said for every bear that was sponsored for a family at the Ronald McDonald House, I would donate one.”

Armstrong requested 11 sponsored bears, but ended up getting 18. Thanks to this, a total of 36 bears were sent off to the Ronald McDonald House’s families.