No, you didn’t vote on the Spokane Sportsplex

The official groundbreaking on the new Spokane Sportsplex is slated for Wednesday morning and if you’re still a bit confused about the whole thing, well – we’re here to help.

You did not vote on the Spokane Sportsplex

This seems to be the biggest source of confusion, so simply put: You did not vote on the Spokane Sportsplex.

Instead, you voted to make improvements to a high school stadium. In 2018, Spokane voters approved a $495 million Spokane Public Schools bond that included money that will be used to tear down and rebuild a stadium where Joe Albi stands.

An advisory vote asked Spokane voters if they would like to use the current site or move it to downtown Spokane. Voters elected to keep the improved stadium at its current location – abandoning the idea of a new stadium downtown. That decision was then solidified when the SPS School Board voted and came to the same conclusion.

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You were never going to vote on the Spokane Sportsplex

Not only did you not vote on the Sportsplex, there was never going to be an opportunity to do so.

The Spokane Sportsplex is owned and operated by the Spokane Public Facilities District and a public vote wasn’t required.

Who’s paying for this?

This is a combined effort. According to the Sportsplex’s website, the Spokane Public Facilities District, State of Washington, City of Spokane, Spokane County, Spokane Parks and Hotel/Motel Association are fully funding the project. An already existing state sales tax rebate, lodging taxes, reserves from the public facilities district and a one-time contribution from the city of Spokane are paying for the project.

That means the construction and operation of the facility will be funded without an increase in local taxes.

Your child’s regular high school games will not be held at the Spokane Sportsplex

Remember when we talked about the improved stadium at the current Joe Albi site? Your child’s games will still be held there. Your child’s regular sports games will not be at the Spokane Sportsplex.

The Sportsplex is a regional sports facility that will host regional tournaments, college conferences and national sporting events.

The Sportsplex is expected to bring in a significant economic boost. Not only will there need to be staff to run the place, it is expected to generate an additional $33 million in direct tourism spending annually.

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No, you didn’t vote on the Spokane Sportsplex