No charge for WA reserve deputy in fatal shooting

Man shot, killed at Kettle Falls home

 The Stevens County, Wash., prosecutor says a reserve deputy who fatally shot a man last fall at his rural home won’t be charged.

Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen said Thursday that John Peterson, 65, aimed his gun at reserve Deputy Nick Wolfe on Oct. 19. Wolfe fired one shot, killing the Vietnam War veteran. Peterson had recently moved to northeast Washington from Minnesota.

The Spokesman-Review says Rasmussen found Wolfe was justified in using deadly force.

The prosecutor noted that Wolfe and another deputy had announced their presence and ordered Peterson to put down the gun but he turned toward them and raised the weapon. Peterson had called 911 and was talking to a dispatcher. The prosecutor says the dispatcher was concerned that Peterson might shoot himself. The deputies’ commands were recorded on the 911 call.

A check of Peterson’s gun showed it was unloaded.