Spokane NHHS Director accuses City Administrator of mistreatment due to race

SPOKANE, Wash. —An outgoing leader at Spokane City Hall sent a scathing email Wednesday, accusing City Administrator Johnnie Perkins of mistreating him because of his race.

Cupid Alexander, who is Black, announced this week he is resigning from his position as Director of Neighborhoods, Housing and Human Services. This makes Alexander, who was appointed to the role by Mayor Nadine Woodward in November, the third city employee who works on homeless issues to resign in recent months.

Tija Danzig, who worked in the Community, Housing and Human Services Department and Timothy Sigler, the director of the department, have both resigned in recent weeks. 

In his email, Alexander alleged Perkins is pushing him out of his role early, instead of his confirmed departure date of July 30, and forcing him to use time off. 

“As we transitioned from other appointed leaders of the CHHS staff, they were NOT treated like they,” the email states. “They gave their notices and they weren’t coerced into being forced into days off, or told they would be using their leave time without their consent in a seeming form of discipline or retribution.” 

Alexander also alleged Perkins excused him from any additional duties and meetings, but did not indicate he would have to use time off or that he had a choice. 

“For a city that focuses on its processes, methodology, a focus on potential equitable outcomes, centered on fairness and justice – I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this has been intentionally unethical, inequitable, worst practices and a direct mis-treatment that I can attribute from YOUR treatment of me Johnnie, to my race,” Alexander wrote. 

Alexander also alleged in his email that Perkins tried to intimidate him into not sending emails because they are “public record” and to just “talk” instead. 

“You were worried of the public information. Leadership requires accountability,” he wrote. 

Alexander ended his email by asking for a corrected letter for departure and for “to discontinue mis-construing my department, stating things that are untrue, and messaging things that are simply and provably false.” 

4 News Now has reached out to the city for comment on the situation.