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In Pakistan, trans men search for inclusion, visibility

Transgender people are considered outcasts by many in Pakistan, despite some progress with a law protecting their rights and court rulings that allow them to choose a gender that is neither male nor female. But the struggle for acceptance and inclusion is harder for Pakistan’s trans men.

Bosnian war survivors share survival tips with Ukraine

Residents of an eastern Bosnian town that survived a brutal siege during the country’s 1992-95 interethnic war jumped at a recent opportunity to join an EU-facilitated effort to help Ukraine generate power amid Russia’s brutal attacks against its energy infrastructure.

Ukraine city mourns dead, cares for survivors of airstrike

Since Russia invaded Ukraine almost 11 months ago, many Ukrainians had fled to Dnipro. The city with a prewar population of nearly 1 million seemed relatively safe compared to to other areas in Ukraine’s war-torn east. But a Russian missile that struck an apartment building and killed at least 45 people on Jan. 14 shattered that belief.

Fugitive's arrest like a 'quake,' but Mafia very resilient

Prosecutors are likening the arrest of a Mafia boss who was Italy's No. 1 fugitive to an “earthquake” rocking the Sicily-based crime syndicate. Still, experts say the capture at a Palermo clinic of Matteo Messina Denaro after 30 years on the lam won't eradicate the centuries-old crime organization.