News Links For March 18th

Fotheringham House
– View the Criagslist listing for the local business for sale. Fotheringham House Website
– View the official website of this local business that went up for sale. Blik Decorations
– Renting? Want to decorate? Try these wall decals. Free Mosquito Ringtones
– Disguise your cell phone ringtone with these inaudible mosquito tones. Calcualte Your BMI – Know where you stand when it comes to your Body Mass Index. 20 Facts About Sleep – Who knew a divorce can be granted because of what someone said in their sleep? Who Was D.B. Cooper? – Read about the new twist in the Northwest’s most talked about unsolved crime.
Money Bracket
– Who would win if teams advanced by graduate salaries?
Presidential Bracket
– Check out who our President picked in the NCAA Tournament.