New Wonder Building marketplace now open

A piece of Spokane’s history has found new life as an old bread factory turned office building now sees even more change — in the form of a new marketplace that’s taken years to shape.

On Monday, an old loading dock at what used to be Spokane’s Wonder Bread factory officially became the Wonder Market and became home to local chefs like Chad White.

The Spokane native has taken his talent beyond the Inland Northwest as he moved to San Diego, then competed on a past season of Bravo’s ‘Top Chef.’

“If you asked my 25-year-old self if I would ever see myself back in Spokane, I would’ve said ‘absolutely not. I’m living in San Diego, there’s palm trees, the weather is incredible all the time,'” White told 4 News Now. “But, as I got into my mid-thirties, I started to miss the things that I loved about up here — and what I love most about it, is the sense of community.”

Now he’s able to forge even more connections through his food at his new High Tide Lobster Bar location at the Wonder Market.

“You’ll see bits and pieces of where the Wonder Bread building existed and where they were baking the bread and all those different things,” White said. “There’s so much history and story in this space, it’s exciting to be here and be a part of that.”

The same goes for Daniel Gunter, who returned home to Sandpoint from Portland a few years back. He’s found those connections through his drinks at Evans Brothers Coffee, where he serves as the ‘unofficial third brother.’

“Being able to bring my coffee experience from the Portland, Oregon coffee scene back to my hometown, small place that I love so much, was amazing,” Gunter said. “Serving people something that I love has been really, really cool.”

Gunter and the baristas at Evans Brothers are working a few feet away from High Tide inside the market. Coeur d’Alene-based bakery Bean and Pie will also be hosting a pop-up shop for the next couple weeks. The revamped level of the old factory plays host to a catered event space with Mangia Catering.

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“This may sound a little hokey, but there’s something sacred about community space. And what it does for the people that live in the area, how it ties us together a little bit more,” said Kim Deater with the Wonder Market. “I mean, all of this is Spokane history and if you’re apart of the community, it’s your history too. So come in and enjoy it.”

Deater noted the new owners wanted to breathe new life into the space without losing sight of the building’s history. As you walk through the market, you’ll see old Wonder Bread signs, a massive mural honoring the people who used to work at the Wonder Building and old factory doors lining the walls.

The market, which stands just south of the Spokane Arena next to David’s Pizza, is now open.

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New Wonder Building marketplace now open