New search warrants reveal what investigators collected from Idaho murder suspect’s apartment

COLFAX, Washington – Newly unsealed search warrants in the University of Idaho murder investigation reveal what police were looking for when they searched his apartment around the time of his arrest.

Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy filed a request for a search warrant for Bryan Kohberger’s Pullman apartment.

He was a WSU student studying criminology and is now in jail charged with the murders of Kaylee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle and Madison Mogen.

According to the search warrants, investigators asked for a warrant December 29th, the day before Kohberger was arrested at his parents’ home in Pennsylvania.

Investigators wanted to search an apartment on NE Valley Road in Pullman.

They were looking for blood or other bodily fluid, or other human skin cells; knives, sheaths or  other sharp tools; any images that show the murder victims or the two surviving roommates and/or the house on King Road where the crime occurred; trace evidence or DNA and data compilations “showing an interest in, or planning of, murder, violent assault, stabbing and/of cutting of people” or any data showing interest in the victims or the home in Moscow.

Police were also looking for dark clothing, which matches what the surviving roommate saw a man wearing i

n their home the morning of the murders.

They were also looking for shoes “with a diamond shoe pattern” which matches what investigators say they found in the home.

Investigators were looking for a lot of computer evidence and wanted to search for GPS and location data.


Police write that the crime scene on King Road was so bloody, it was likely some of that blood would have splattered onto the killer and, according to the officer, “makes it likely that this evidence transfered to Kohberger’s person, clothing or shoes.”

GPS data detailed in other court documents indicate police believe Kohberger went from the crime scene back to his apartment and “it is likely he still had blood or other trace evidence on his person/clothes/shoes, including skin cells or hair from the victims or Goncalves’ dog.”

In the search warrants, investigators also mentioned the DNA sample that police say links Kohberger to the murders.

It says that on December 27th, investigators took trash from the Kohbergers’ Pennsylvania home and matched DNA from the trash to DNA found on the knife sheath left to Madison Mogen’s body.

What was collected from Kohberger’s apartment

The most revealing information in the new documents comes from the search warrant return, in which investigators reveal what was seized form Kohberger’s Pullman apartment.

Police say they found a black glove; some receipts from Walmart and Marshalls that don’t reveal what he bought with them; a dust container from a vacuum; several possible hair strands, including one animal hair strand; a Fire TV stick;  cuttings from an uncased pillow with reddish/brown stains; mattress covers and a computer tower.

It’s not clear which of those items has been tested at this time and what, if anything, investigators found.

Kohberger waived his right to a speedy preliminary hearing, which in Idaho determines if there’s enough evidence to hold someone over for trial.

That hearing is scheduled for late June.

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