New Oreo creates a spark

New Oreo creates a spark

Nabisco released a new popping Oreo.

The “Firework” Oreo hit store shelves on Monday, according to a CNN report.

The cookie with its chocolate wafers on the outside features a cream filling with red and blue popping candies.

Food and Wine tried the new Oreo and said: “The Firework Oreos are basically your classic cream-filled cookie. There’s no real taste difference, just a slight gritty texture from the popping candies in the frosting.”

USA Today reports– Oreo announced a new contest for people to decide the next flavor.

Mondelez International announced the start of the My Oreo Creation Contest. The winner receives $500,000 and the creation will be in stores across the U.S.

There are four ways to enter the contest.

1. Text your idea to 59526

2. Post on Twitter or Instagram using #MyOreoCreation #Contest

3. Respond to an Oreo social media post with your idea using #MyOreoCreation #Contest

4. Registering on this website

The contest runs through July 14.