New memorial honors Spokane officer killed in line of duty

SPOKANE, Wash. — A new memorial stands at the corner of Fifth and Pine honoring Brian Orchard, a Spokane Police officer who was gunned down 38 years ago.

In 1983, Orchard and two other officers were working undercover to try and retrieve a collection of stolen guns worth $20,000. As they approached a suspect’s car, Orchard was shot in the head.

The bullet couldn’t be removed, and Orchard died two days later.

Orchard left behind three young children, two of whom attended the memorial Tuesday.

“I was having dinner with him when the call came in that he had to leave,” said Orchard’s oldest daughter, Debbie Jacobs. “And it’s the first and only time that I’ve gotten a bad feeling. Like maybe I should say something, and I didn’t.”

Orchard’s death lead to the creation of the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial project that honors fallen officers outside of the public safety building.