New hockey bar ‘Lord Stanley’s’ set to open in downtown Spokane this summer

Lord Stanleys
Credit: Eowen Rosentrater

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane hockey fans will soon have a new spot to watch games and throw back a few cold ones.

Lord Stanley’s, a new bar in downtown Spokane, is set to open on the corner of Riverside and Washington later this summer. 

It gets its name from Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord of Preston, who is also the namesake and creator of hockey’s championship trophy: the Stanley Cup. 

Lord Stanley was the son of a British Prime Minister and was named governor general of Canada in 1888. He became an ice hockey fan while there and later donated a lavish trophy to the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association. 

Just as Lord Stanley would have wished for, the local bar named after him will be a prime spot to watch any NHL game, including those of the Seattle Kraken. The space boasts 16 big screen TVs and a 165-inch HD projector screen. 

Co-owners Eowen Rosentrater and Jesse Koester are currently working on a food menu, but did drop a hint about including one of Canada’s most popular dishes: poutine. 

Rosentrater, Koester and their team are currently updating the space at 108 N. Washington. They have ripped out the old dance floor, are planning to rebuild the bar and are expanding the kitchen. 

With all the work underway, Lord Stanley’s is slated to open by August.