‘Never give up’: Rogers High School seniors visit their old elementary and middle schools

SPOKANE, Wash — Many Spokane Public School high school seniors will graduate this weekend. Before Rogers High School seniors walk across the stage to receive their diplomas they made a stop at their old middle and elementary schools on Thursday.

They walked through the hallways of Longfellow, Whitman and Arlington Elementary to inspire the next generation of younger kids.

“Honestly, never give up. Last year, I came in with six credits, and now I’m on time to graduate. So I mean anything is possible if you put your mind to it,” Rogers High School senior Derricc Kennedy said.

Kennedy went through a rough patch starting in middle school, however with the right help, he was able to pull through.

“Freshman year, sophomore year, junior still rough. This year, turned it around with all the teacher’s help I had. Mr. Noel all the BI programs, especially the principal. They helped me a lot– stepped up in my credits. Graduated on time for class of 2022,” Kennedy said.

Derricc Kennedy and his brother

Kennedy is headed to Spokane Community College where he’ll studying to receive a Bachelor’s degree in information technology and Associate’s degree in business.

High school can be a hard time for some, and the pandemic didn’t make it any easier.

“It started in my junior year, and that whole year was just a little bit of a blur. I mean I just remember working and trying to get school done, and yeah it was definitely hard, and the last year I’ve been back in the school I’ve tried to value all of it,” Rogers High School senior Olivia Bell said.

However, seniors say they’re taking the best of what they’ve learned into their futures.

“It’s been great it’s definitely been a roller coaster, ups and downs. Came in not really knowing what to expect. I have three older sisters. So I have to live up to all of their accomplishments but I’ve been involved music and sports. It’s been great. I loved high school,” Bradyn Crossley said.

“I really got into myself in high school. I came into Rogers and I was really shy I was very quiet, and now I’ve definitely grown into myself and I’m not so shy quiet anymore. I’m willing and able to put myself out there,” Bell said.

Soon to be graduates hope to send the message to younger kids to never give up.

“Don’t give up it’s definitely a challenge. You’ll have nights when you’re up till 3 in the morning doing homework or you don’t get back from an event until like midnight cause you’re all the way in Pullman or something. But it’s all worth it you learn some, you lose some, you win some but it’s all worth it,” Crossley said.

“Push through there’s going to be hard times, but you can always you know any of these schools they’re all family. You’re always going to have people there for you,” Bell said.

Bell is headed to Gonzaga University and she wants to return to Rogers High School as a history or English teacher.

Crossley is serving on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. When he returns he’ll be studying Electrical & Aerospace engineering at Brigham Young University.

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