Neighbors Take Stand Against Crime

SPOKANE — Neighborhoods across the Inland Northwest and around the country gathered Tuesday night to take a stand against crime.

More than 200 groups gathered in our area to meet and eat and talk about the problems plaguing our community.

Police say there is very little you can do to stop violent crime, but you can make a difference when it comes to things like property crimes by being vigilant and recognizing what’s suspicious and what’s normal.

Marcia Warren is the Block Watch captain for the Morgan Acres neighborhood in North Spokane County and participated in Tuesday night’s events.

“This is my neighborhood,” Warren said. “This is where I was born, this is where I was raised.”

Tuesday, she invited everyone in her neighborhood over for an ice cream social because she knows her best defense against crime is not the police but the people who live next door, like her neighbor Amy Kozlowski.

Kozlowski says getting to know your neighbors is key.

“You know if someone you don’t know is in the neighborhood and you watch them to see what’s going on,” Kozlowski said.

The Morgan Acres neighborhood took a stand against crime along with residents from the South Hill to the Spokane Valley as part of the National Night Out.

In Warren’s neighborhood they’ve had to deal with identity thieves and young hoodlums and she says when neighbors watch each other criminals don’t stand a chance.

“Just keep an eye on everybody,” Warren said. “Make sure everybody is doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”