Neighbor’s security surveillance records deadly deputy shooting

Neighbor’s security surveillance records deadly deputy shooting
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A man was shot to death after he rammed a patrol car on the lower South Hill, according to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

A neighbor was just getting ready to go to bed when the incident occurred.

“I’m a night owl,” said Laura Muir. “I was just sitting out on my deck drinking some tea.”

Living just one house removed from the Ben Burr trail head, Muir isn’t used to cars racing by her quiet Hills Ct home.

“I heard a car come barreling down the road with sirens following it.”

Concerned – Laura turned her full attention to the confrontation right in front of her home.

“I saw the collision happen and then I heard yelling and then I heard gunshots and then I went into my house and hid.”

Muir was too concerned for her own well being to focus closely on the fatal gunshots just feet from her home. Her private security surveillance, however, captured the whole thing in detail.

The witness decided not to hand over her video, but she did show kxly4’s Jack Ferris the same raw footage that she gave to authorities earlier Wednesday morning.

The video clearly shows the van speeding west down Hills Court before successfully turning around near the Ben Burr trailhead. At which point – the collision with the deputy’s cruiser takes place just moments before six shots ring out.

Investigators have not yet released the identity of the deputy or the fatally injured man at this time.