Neighbors Cats Threatened By Letter

SPOKANE — At least three people on Sanson St. near Joe Albi Stadium got the letter on Saturday. One cat owner says she fears her cat will be trapped and killed before she even knows it.

“I went and got the mail and there was a white envelope and it said: To occupants,” said Andrea, one of the neighbors on Sanson St.

Her mother Linda heard the news from Andrea second hand.

“I got a very distressing phone call,” said Linda.

On Saturday afternoon Andrea picked up the mail up on her way into the house. Amongst the letters was one detailing one neighbors plan for area cats.

“It says, if these are your cats keep them off my property or they will disappear,” read Linda.

It was an alarming note to read, especially for these two animal lovers.

“I was sitting there thinking Fez was dead because he hadn’t been home for two days,” said Andrea.

Fez, the family cat, has to tread carefully. The note’s author detailed what might happen to him

“They’re going to place a pet safe trap on their property and any animal that wanders into it will be taken to the shelter,” said Linda, re-hashing the notes content.

Along with the type written, unsigned letter came an article from the newspaper. The article was about the new Spokane ordinance allowing animal control to euthanize stray, and unlicensed cats without a holding period.

“To me it was a threat that my cat was going to be caught in a trap and perhaps it was going to be euthanized,” said Linda.

Linda has not licensed their pet cat Fez. She acknowledges that it is irresponsible not to license him, but says that she had plans to license the animal.

“Before I could get it done this came,” she said.

Now, whenever Fez leaves the yard Linda and her kids are worried.

“If Fez died it would be like a person dying,” said Andrea.

With that threat looming over them, these two wonder if their neighbors are considering changing the way they take care of their pets.

“It begs the bigger question, does that mean all cats are indoor cats?,” said Linda.

This family argues that keeping their pets inside takes away some of their freedoms.

“How could you get mad about a cat going in your yard?,” stated Andrea. “Cats do that, cats go outside you cant stop that.”

The ordinance allowing the county to euthanize cats was passed last Monday mainly because Spokane shelters are flooded with stray cats. Those shelters want to make room for adoptable cats.