Nearly half of Spokane County voters have cast their ballots

SPOKANE, Wash. — This election has seen a record-high voter turnout nationwide, and Spokane is no exception. 

Voters in Spokane County are eager to make their voices heard, that much is clear. 

As of Friday, 174,342 people have returned their ballots. That’s roughly 48% of the county’s registered voters. 

The Spokane County Elections Office also provides a breakdown of the numbers by legislative district. The sixth district — which stretches from Nine Mile Falls east to Medical Lake and south to Freeman — leads in the highest return rate with 51.09%. 

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PC: Spokane County Elections Office

Previous numbers show a large majority of people cast their ballots over the weekend. That said, those numbers are expected to rise come Monday. 

You can keep tabs on election statistics HERE.

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