Nationwide Warrant Targets Former Nez Perce Sheriff

LEWISTON, Idaho — Law enforcement officials around the nation are on the lookout for former Nez Perce County Sheriff Jim Dorion.

The Idaho State Police confirmed on Friday that a warrant had been filed in Nez Perce County for Dorion’s arrest. Police say he is wanted on three counts of accessory to burglary.

Nez Perce County Commissioner Ron Wittman said the Attorney Generals office filed the warrant. 

According to Wittman, Nez Perce County Prosecutor Dan Spickler cannot bring charges against another elected official.

“If there were allegations, he would then ask the state to investigate,” said Wittman. “I believe that is what happened here.”

Wittman would not say what the charges against Dorion stem from.

Dorion has fallen off the grid in Nez Perce County. He was fired as Sheriff in August of 2008 when he failed to provide confirmation that he was sick to county officials, some weren’t even sure if Dorion still lived in the state of Idaho.

Before that, Dorion was questioned about drinking on the job. On May 1st, 2008, Dorion asked to go on medical leave because he had pancreatic cancer.

Dorion sold his house and had his paycheck forwarded to his parents’ address. Soon after nobody could reach him, not even Dorion’s own attorney.

The Attorney General’s office has been investigating Dorion ever since he was fired. Dorion was still being paid about $67,000 and receiving medical leave.

Dorion’s mother Darlene maintained that he was at a cancer treatment near Houston, Texas. On Friday Darlene said that Dorion is still sick and has been suffering from seizures. She said she didn’t know there was a warrant out for her son’s arrest.