Nationwide ‘Hussein’ Middle Name Craze

SPOKANE — His full name is Barack Hussein Obama. Its a name that his own campaign is trying to downplay, one that skeptics have attacked and now an entire online community of Obama supporters is playing a name game trying to remove the stigma associated with ‘Hussein’.

“I think they’re trying to instill terror and fear in the people,” said Obama supporter Gary Hussein Ackerson.

Gary is about as Caucasian as they come.

“I’m a white, Anglo-Saxon protestant,” he said.

But his name isn’t. It’s becoming something of an online phenomenon, thousands of people

nationwide, several right here at home, changing their middle names to support their candidate.

Not only are they changing their cyberspace middle name, in some cases their legal middle name to Hussein.

“It’s to take away the stigma of a middle name that’s really charged in this nation,” said Jillian Boshart.

Boshart, a college student changed her middle name to Hussein as well, joining Barack, Gary and others.

“It’s our middle name too. Not that big of a deal. What’s in a name?” asked Boshart.

The name change was fairly simple for Jillian, several of her friends have already “Hussein-ed” themselves.

“Daniel Hussein Ready, Willy Hussein Richardson, that’s probably one of the best names,” she said.

But for Gary, a new Hussein from Colville, the change from Gary Don Ackerson has been a little bit interesting.

“I get strange remarks, states, even angry remarks,” said Ackerson.

He’s stirred more than a bit of controversy among his conservative friends and family.

“My son said I was crazy,” said Gary.

But he says he has achieved his purpose.

“I wanna get people to think, to talk, to vote,” he said.

If Obama wins the election, Gary Hussein Ackerson says he’ll keep the name, but what if Senator Obama loses?

“I’ll probably change my name back to Don”, said Gary.

The nationwide Hussein movement started with an idea from the movie Spartacus, Roman leaders were looking to find and punish a slave-turned leader Spartacus. To take the heat off of him and to keep him safe, all of his men stand up and declare, “I am Spartacus.”