Name That Coffee Flavor

SPOKANE — Good Morning Northwest weatherman Mark Peterson approached the people at Craven Coffee and requested the strongest coffee they could muster, something with more caffeinated kick than anything you could find on store shelves and preferably sturdy enough to float a nail.

So, on Tuesday Feb. 26, Craven came through on their promise and crafted a coffee consisting largely of hearty Sumatra beans roasted at the darkest level. Now Mark Peterson is asking for your help in naming this new, extreme coffee concoction.

One viewer called in and suggested “Mark’s Madness,” while “Maximum Mark” has been a popular choice around the KXLY 4 newsroom. However we hold out hope that somebody out there will come up with something better and all suggestions are welcome by emailing

Also, click on the video to the right to take a quick look at the fast turnaround of a coffee bean at the Craven Coffee factory.