Nadine Woodward announces run for second term as mayor

Woodward campaign responds to ‘Citizens for Liberty and Labor’ PAC ad
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SPOKANE, Wash.–Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward announced her run for re-election.

Woodward won the election in 2019 and had issues such as homelessness and crime at the top of her to-do list for the city. When asked about working with the city council, the mayor says she and the council have some differences.

One issue that has caused discussions and criticism between the two has to deal with the moving of the East-Central police precinct.

Woodward says in the end, she did what the people in that neighborhood wanted, despite opposition from the council.

“The neighborhood council approved it, the East Sprague business association, the businesses wanted it, there was plenty of engagement there. I just don’t think the city council wanted to put a police precinct there, but I listened to the neighborhood, and did what the neighborhood asked.”

Woodward added she’d like to do more to address crime and homelessness in Spokane and work with surrounding cities. Despite running on a tagline of ‘Spokane solutions’ last campaign, she says now, we need collaboration on complicated issues.

“I as mayor can’t do it on my own, the city of Spokane can’t do it, this is a regional issue, and we need to address it regionally. in my next term I would like to stand up a regional authority that addresses, homelessness, takes it out of the cities hands, and put all of the services and funding under a regional umbrella.”

No other candidates have publicly announced their intention to run against Woodward yet.

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