N. Spokane businesses calling police dozens of times per day for shoplifting

SPOKANE, Wash. – Businesses in the Franklin Park Shopping Center are calling the police upwards of 35 times per day. 

The North Spokane Burlington Coat Factory called police nine times on Tuesday because of shoplifting, but that number has been in the dozens on weekends. Employees at the Rite Aid next door estimate 50-100 calls per day.  

Spokane Police are seeing an increase in shoplifting calls across the city. Part of it can be attributed to the holiday season, as well as the cold weather. 

“Rite-Aid is a store that sells food, drinks. It’s a difficult time of year where weather is concerned,” said Officer Stephen Anderson. “If you look at Burlington Coat Factory in particular. It’s someplace you could go to take a jacket, take some article of clothing that might keep you warm, those are priorities for those people stuck out in the elements.” 

Anderson said that even those looking to shop should be aware as shoplifters can also target them. 

“The same people that are going inside these businesses are the same type of people that are going to prowl vehicles,” Anderson said. 

He is now advising shoppers to be more careful when leaving their valuables in their cars. 

“Vehicle prowling, theft is a lot of times a crime of opportunity. If those items are seen, a lot of times they’re going to be taken,” Anderson said. 

SPD has more patrol cars out and about during the holiday season. 

If you become a victim of car theft, you are asked to call Crime Check immediately at 509-456-2233. 

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