Murder Suspect To Undergo Mental Evaluation

SPOKANE — Cole Strandberg’s arraignment on 1st Degree Murder charges has been postponed twice and now his public defender is asking for another delay so Strandberg can have a mental evaluation.

Strandberg was arrested on January 7th for the murder of Jennifer Bergeron. Police say he murdered Bergeron and then went to Sacred Heart Medical Center where he told a nurse he had a body at his house.

Public defender Al Rossi got paperwork filed Wednesday to delay Strandberg’s arraignment until he undergoes a mental evaluation. The mental evaluation will determine if he is fit to stand trial.

Jeff Bergeron, a school resource officer in Spokane County and the victim’s uncle, says that Strandberg’s parents apologized on their son’s behalf.

Bergeron says his niece started using meth and that he had lost touch with her.

The last time he saw her was two years ago and her last known address was the Hope House Women’s Shelter.