Murder Suspect To Undergo Mental Evaluation

COLVILLE — The Stevens County man who admitted to police that he snapped and stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death was back in a courtroom Tuesday where he was ordered to undergo mental evaluations.

Rogers did not enter a plea for the murder charge leveled against him in the death of his ex-girlfriend Cheryl Hayward, but was rather ordered to Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake where he will remain for at least 15 days.

Police have already said that Preston Rogers admitted killing Hayward and dumped her body near Springdale earlier this month. After the murder Rogers crashed his car and had to be taken to the hospital. When he was released he led investigators to Hayward’s body and was arrested.

In court Rogers’ attorney submitted an order to have the mental evaluation completed before making his plea and the order was signed Tuesday morning.

Despite his alleged confession to Hayward’s murder Rogers is expected to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.