MultiCare creates virtual and in-home programs to serve Inland Northwest’s seniors

Access to health care can be difficult for seniors who aren’t well enough to get around.

That’s something MultiCare is hoping to change.

The health care system, which oversees Rockwood clinics, Deaconess Hospital, Valley Hospital and Indigo Urgent Care, is introducing two new programs to serve the Inland Northwest’s seniors.

A 24/7 text-based service, Virtual Care allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to get medical care within minutes. Patients will essentially be able to FaceTime with a local provider to get the help they need.

According to MultiCare, that provider can then provide a treatment plan or prescription, all without the patient having to leave the comfort of their home.

MultiCare is also collaborating with Dispatch Health to offer a new in-home service. It works by sending two-person health teams to the patient’s home. Those teams can administer IVs, treat vertigo, and provide other medical care services.

Learn more about virtual services and pricing on MultiCare’s website.