Multi-vehicle pile up shuts down South Hill street

Multi-vehicle pile up shuts down South Hill street

A multi-vehicle pile up took over a busy road on the South Hill Friday night.

Seventeen cars including a bus piled up on Ben Garnett Way in South Hill Friday night, causing four seperate collisions. One car even rolled over to its side.

Rick Sparrow said his wife was heading to work.

“One car hit the back of me, turned me around. Everyone was coming down and could not stop. I give credit to the bus driver to not hitting anyone,” says Sparrow.

Debra Rattler was driving with her son. She said she managed to not hit any cars..

“I started aiming for the wall because I didn’t want to hit that bus,” says Rattler.

Drivers waited nearly two hours for crews to sand and plow the hill.

Miraculously, no one was injured. Spokane Police Department’s Officer Ben Maplethorpe said there were only minor damages to the cars.

“Nobody got hurt! It’s a Christmas miracle. It’s amazing!” says Rattler.

“Thank God nobody was injured,” says Sparrow.

“I would highly advise people to stay home or stay where they are. There is nothing that important out here to risk safety of you or family. It’s pretty ugly out here,” says Officer Maplethorpe.