Move-In Day For Students At WSU

PULLMAN — Saturday was a busy day for new and returning students at Washington State University in Pullman, and classes have not even started.

Students spent the day lifting boxes and shifting furniture as move-in weekend kicked off.

Many freshmen spent their time unloading the essentials of W.S.U. college life. They came with mementos from home, pillows, blankets, boots, and of course the things some of these freshman can’t live without.

“A lot of electronics stuff because I like electronics like computers and I’m into photography so I brought my camera of course,” freshman Kris Cote said.

Many are excited to be moving in to their new dorms and eager to begin their first year at W.S.U.

“I love it. I was here this summer and it’s totally awesome,” another freshman Katie Barton said. “I’m really excited to start.”

However, when classes start Monday these new and seasoned students will see changes on campus.

“The campus is under an aggressive building program right now,” Charlie Powell of Washington State University said. “Behind us is the first new dormitory being built on the W.S.U. campus in 37 years, the last one was in 1971.”

The new dorms are part of a ten year plan to improve student housing. The student housing project will cost $26 million and should be completed by fall 2009.

There was also the $86 million renovation of the Compton Union Building or CUB, and after two years, it’s now ready for students to use.

“The CUB yeah, it’s awesome. I like the weather out here too. I can’t wait for the winter. I’m a snow boarder,” Cote said.

All of the new renovations and buildings have this incoming class ready to take on college for the very first time.

“From what I saw from summer advantage, I thought it was really cool,” freshman Jennifer Maakad said.

The University says it plans to build six new halls in Pullman over the next five years.