Most Americans Say US On Wrong Track

WASHINGTON D.C. (AP) — A new AP-Ipsos poll suggests most Americans believe the country is moving in the wrong direction.

With food and gas prices soaring, home values falling and the war in Iraq stretching on, just 17 percent of respondents say the country is going in the right direction. That’s the lowest ever recorded since the survey began five years ago.

The reading also represents a sharp drop from April, when 24 percent felt the country was on the right track.

Sixty percent of those who took a negative view blamed the economy, especially the high price of gasoline. Twenty-three percent blamed “poor leadership.”

President Bush got a 29 percent approval rating. That’s near his all-time low of 28 percent in April.

But the Democratic-controlled Congress scored worse, with only 23 percent approval among the survey’s respondents.