More comfortable temperatures are moving in slowly – Mark

Here’s a look at today’s heat:

  • Morning: 72 degrees
  • Lunchtime: 86 degrees
  • Dinnertime: 93 degrees

Fri Plan

Here are your 4 Things to Know for Friday, July 2:

  • Heat advisory in effect until Saturday
  • Smoke and haze expected
  • Hot and sunny Fourth of July
  • Cooling next week

Fri 4 Things

Expect some smoke and haze today.

Fri Smoke

Temperatures will still be hot, but it will be cooler than Thursday.

Fri Hi

Heat warnings have been downgraded to a Heat Advisory until Saturday night. Temperatures will be in the low to mid 90s during the day with overnight lows into the 60s. Expect some smoke and haze for the next couple of days.

Fri 4 Day