Molly The Moose Slowly Recovering

NEWMAN LAKE — The moose rescued from the icy waters of Newman Lake Tuesday continues her slow recovery under the care of her temporary neighbors.

Newman Lake neighbors have taken to name the miracle moose Molly and are working to do everything they can to rehabilitate the animal to get her back to the wild.

Molly is still understandably very shaken up over Tuesday’s ordeal, her back legs are weak, wobbling as she tries to move around in the shallow water.

It’s been a rough 24-hours for Molly after rescue crews braved the dangerous conditions for hours working to pull her from the frozen lake. Once on shore she was given oxygen to help speed up her recovery.

Doug and Gloria Fraser kept a close eye on Molly all evening and continued to watch her every move through Wednesday, putting out apples and oats, hoping the food would help give her strength.

“She looks alert … her fur has dried out and she looks like she’s stronger,” volunteer moose watcher Gloria Fraser said.

“Like to get her out into the wild as fast as we could … trying to find a path for her that she doesn’t go back into the water,” Doug Fraser added.

So while neighbors are happy enough to give their new neighbor a hand, they’re hoping once Molly is back on her feet that she’ll head back to the wild, never to be seen again.