Mirror Pond to undergo redesign project in Manito Park

Mirror Pond to undergo redesign project in Manito Park

The Spokane Parks & Recreation Department will receive a new project design to clean up Mirror Pond’s murky waters in Manito Park.

The city has been working with a civil engineering consulting firm called AHBL. Thursday, at the parks board meeting, the firm will present the city with a design project to solve the muddy mess.

“What this group will give us is a design package that we’ll be able to bid out to a contractor this fall to take out the sediment and then look at recommendations for a future filtration system installed early next spring to mitigate the problem we currently have today,” said Garrett Jones, the Parks Department planning and development manager.

AHBL, in its contract with the city, notes that the parks and recreation department, in partnership with Friends of Manito, have made improvements to the pond like adding vegetation and mitigating erosion. However, it notes that no major work has been done to the pond since 1991.

A lot of people visiting Manito Park Wednesday were excited to hear about the future project.

“I think it would be a lot more beautiful and you would see a lot more wildlife and people would come by more often,” said one woman exercising in the park.

“It seems like we have a very low duck population and I think it would probably increase if the pond were cleaner,” said a man walking his dog.

The parks department says this is a project that has been important to them.

“Manito Park is a jewel within our community. Mirror Pond is as well,” Jones said.

Jones says once this project begins, the city will also be taking time to educate the community about problems associated with feeding the ducks int he pond.

“It creates a less a less inviting and less eco-friendly pond environment,” he said.

The city says it has looked at several solutions to clean up Mirror Pond, but will hear what AHBL suggests before moving forward with any plans.