MIRACLE MONDAY: Reflecting on a year of successful care at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital

SPOKANE, Wash. — Over the past year, we’ve highlighted the success Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital has offered for families in this area, thanks to the Children’s Miracle Network. Before moving on to another prosperous year, we’re taking a look back at some of those success stories. After this year of success, it’s with grateful hearts that we reflect on the care given in our area.

From the smaller things to the very big things, it was a year of success for patients at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital.

“Taking care of kids with cancer is the most challenging and rewarding job you could ever ask for,” Dr. Goshorn, a Pediatric Oncologist, said.

At Sacred Heart Medical Center, patients get not only top-notch treatment but also doctors who truly care.

“This is my life’s passion,” explained Dr. Gailey, the surgical lead for the Spokane Maxillofacial Cleft team.

For patients who are diagnosed with lifelong medical conditions, their treatment doesn’t stop once they hit 18.

“I think what differentiates us from some of the other centers is that we are part of a larger institution that allows us to have seamless care from fetuses to children to young adulthood,” said Dr. Neil Worrall.

One of Dr. Worrall’s patients is Grace Sotka. She was born with a congenital abnormality in the blood vessels above her heart and as her mom explains, “I tell her we’re on a journey for a happy heart.”

That journey would be a lot more complicated if not for donations made to the Children’s Miracle Network.

“One of the things that’s amazing about caring for very small, premature babies is that they’re incredibly resilient,” said Dr. Underwood, a pediatrician.

Earlier this year, Dr. Underwood helped a 27-week-old preemie fight for a bright future. 

Parents who’ve seen their kids overcome these struggles know better than anyone, kids bounce back quickly.

“The Children’s Miracle Network was helpful in finding some very basic research on premature babies so every year they would offer small grants to help new investigators like me get started,” said Dr. Underwood.

He’s grateful for those who support the Children’s Miracle Network, and the funding that goes to the smallest of babies.

“When we just look at dollar for dollar, what we get for our money, the biggest return is always in babies and children,” said Dr. Underwood.

It’s all of these young fighters who represent our future.

If you’d like to make giving back part of your New Year Resolution, and fund programs to create success just like we saw last year, consider donating to the Children’s Miracle Network. 100 percent of proceeds stay right here in our own area. Click here to make a difference!

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