Milk bottle tie-breaker to determine Rockford council candidate

Milk bottle used to decide tie election
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A milk bottle is used to select the winner of Fairfield's City Council position 3 race. 

ROCKFORD, Wash. — A milk bottle tie-breaker will decide which Rockford city council candidate will advance to the general election.

Candidates Ivan Willmschen and Rachelle Arriga each have 34 votes for the council position no. 5 race.

In this event, the vote is done using a milk bottle. It’s a game of chance where two balls go into a bottle, each one representing a candidate. Whoever’s ball comes out first is the winner.

For years, Spokane County Elections officials used a battery-operated mini bingo ball dispenser and spit out one ball at a time. The elections office stopped using it when it broke.

Back in 2019, the bottle was used to decide the winner of the Fairfield City Council election.

The tie-breaker will happen at the Spokane County Elections Office on Thursday, Aug. 26, at 11 a.m..

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