Milk bottle tie-breaker: Ivan Willmschen advances to general election for Rockford town council

Milk bottle used to decide tie election
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A milk bottle is used to select the winner of Fairfield's City Council position 3 race. 

SPOKANE CO., Wash. — Ivan Willmschen will advance to the general election for Rockford town council after winning the milk-bottle tie-breaker.

Willmschen and his competitor Rachelle Arriaga both received 34 votes during the primary election.

Ties are broken using balls and a milk bottle in Spokane County. In the event of a tie, two numbered balls are put into a brown milk bottle, each representing a candidate, and whoever’s ball comes out first decides the winner.

Spokane County Auditor, Vicky Dalton conducted the tie-breaker Thursday. Willmschen was declared the winner.

He will race against candidate Mark Lonam Jr. in November.

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