Metcalf Gets 30 Years For McCormick’s Murder

SPOKANE — James Metcalf, who was convicted in November of Second Degree Murder in the death of Denise McCormick, received an exceptional sentence of 30 years in prison Friday.

Judge Kathleen O’Connor, citing the victim’s vulnerability and the crime being sexually motivated as reasons to go beyond the standard sentencing range, gave Metcalf 30 years to life in prison for McCormick’s murder.

McCormick’s mother, Sherrie Powell, told the court that her daughter had made the mistake of accepting a ride home from a friend of a friend and that mistake cost her life. Chief Criminal Prosecutor Jack Driscoll said Metcalf committed the murder for his own sexual gratification and then dumped her body “like trash” near Long Lake in February of 2004.

Metcalf said during the hearing Friday that he was sorry and was accepting responsibility for McCormick’s death. During the trial he had maintained that he accidentally strangled her to death while having sex.

He will now be transferred to Western Washington for classification and will then begin serving his sentence.