Men targeted cops like sport, according to new documents

SPOKANE, Wash. — The two men in jail for allegedly shooting a Spokane Police officer a month ago said he’d do it again, according to new court documents.

Ray Wynecoop and Isaac Ott were in front of a judge Thursday afternoon, facing multiple charges — including attempted murder — in the shooting of SPD Officer Kris Honaker in June.

According to court documents, Wynecoop and Ott were chasing a different officer before shooting Honaker.

The officer told detectives they believed the two men were filming them during the chase before they shot Honaker.

The video was submitted as evidence to Judge John Stine Thursday afternoon, who raised Wynecoop and Ott’s bond to $2 million based off the evidence submitted.

“The larger portion of these videos has discussions as these individuals are being chased by law enforcement, Mr. Ott and Mr. Wynecoop are actively speaking with each other,” the prosecution said. “They’re talking about reloading their firearms.”

Wynecoop and Ott’s conversation in the video is transcribed in the court documents.

Wynecoop said at one point, “Hey, this is a Spokane Police ***** hangout ***. Oh, there’s a cop right there.

Ott said later in the video, “Bout to shoot this ***** up.”

In jail, Wynecoop made several phone calls admitting to the drive-by shooting and shooting Honaker. At the end of one of his conversations, Wynecoop told the owner of the home he allegedly shot at, “if you can get me out, I can do it again.”

“Given those factors, I am asking the court to set the bond at 2 million dollars at this time,” the prosecution said.

With the evidence, the judge decided that both Wynecoop and Ott were flight risks and posed a threat to the community.

“I’ve done thousands of these things and I just got to say, I don’t remember seeing anything like this before where it seems pretty clear it was planned out ahead of time,” Judge Stine said.

Wynecoop and Ott will be arraigned on August 9.

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