Memorial for slain Deer Park woman Saturday

A memorial is scheduled Saturday in Chattaroy for Chanin Starbuck before being laid to rest in her home state of Florida. Meanwhile, detectives are continuing to track down her killer.

Major Crimes detectives are still considering a number of avenues as they investigate Starbuck’s death, including that she was potentially a victim of domestic violence, but also that perhaps Starbuck met her killer online.

After her divorce at the end of July Starbuck began using the “Plenty of Fish In The Sea” online dating service.

Her profile said she prefers tall, educated men with a sense of humor, that fall was her favorite season and that she really wanted to learn how to ski.

Detectives learned about Starbuck’s online dating from her ex-husband Clay Starbuck.

“So when we first got there our suspect pool was going to be those close to her and anybody she may have met online because there is a lot of violence that occurs from meeting people online,” Spokane County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Steve Barbieri said.

However Starbuck appeared to be safety conscious, indicating that she first wanted to get to know interested men through conversations.

Now detectives want to know if Starbuck dropped her guard and allowed one of her online acquaintances inside her home.

“A lot of these online people are calling in and saying, I met her online and I’ve dated her and those are not the one’s we’re worried about necessarily. We’re more worried about the ones who are not calling us and we want to be sure that we look into every person who could be a possible suspect,” Barbieri said.

To make sure they don’t miss any of Starbuck’s online contacts detectives are forensically searching her computer. Meanwhile Starbuck’s ex-husband and several of the men she dated have offered samples of their DNA that will be compared to evidence recovered at the crime scene.