Mead grocer wins Washington’s ‘best bagger’ title for second year in a row

If you’ve ever visited the Yoke’s Fresh Market in Mead, you’re proabably familiar with its exemplary customer service. But that’s not all the grocery store is known for.

Henry Johnson, a clerk at the Mead Yoke’s, has won the title of Washington’s best bagger- for the second year in a row.

Johnson took home the 2019 Best Bagger trophy on Tuesday at a competition in Tacoma.

Hosted each year by the Washington Food Industry Association, the competition judges its baggers on speed, technique, style and distrubition.

“The main killer is figuring out weight distribution,” said Johnson, who received $2,000 along with the trophy for his accomplishment.

As the state champion, Johnson will now advance to San Diego for the NGA National Contest.

Tuesday’s competition marked the second year Johnson has taken home the title for best bagger in Washington State.

Johnson is currently attending college at the University of Washington, but works at the grocery store during his visits home.

When asked what his favorite part of the competition was, he said, “That feeling when I put that last item in and throw my hands up.”